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  • San Pedro de Atacama

    San Pedro de Atacama   San Pedro de Atacama is a town in Northern Chile. It is a very popular destination among Chilean tourists and international visitors. Visitors come in large numbers, to use the town as a stepp...

      2018/02/07   |     0   |     Bralu Santos

    The white city – Arequipa

    Arequipa   Arequipa is a city in the Southern Coastal region of Peru just below the edge of the Altiplano, at 2380 meters above sea level and surrounded by three impressive volcanoes. It is Peru’s second most...

      2018/02/07   |     0   |     Bralu Santos


    Laguna Humantay   This tour to the Laguna de Humantay is ideal for those nature lovers who do not have much time and want to experience a  landscape with exotic flora and fauna.   CUSCCO – HUMANTAY LAGOON ̵...

      2018/02/07   |     0   |     Bralu Santos

    La Paz – City tour

    City Tour – La Paz   The beautiful city of La Paz is located in the valley of Choqueyapu. With an height of 3660m, it is considered  the highest seat of government in the world  and has together with El Alto a popul...

      2018/02/07   |     0   |     Bralu Santos

    Uyuni- Salt flats

    Uyuni- Salt flats   Salar de Uyuni is with 10,582 square kilometers (4,086 sq mi) largest salt flat in the world. Uyuni is located in the Daniel Campos Province Potosi in southwest Bolivia, near the crest of the...

      2018/02/07   |     0   |     Bralu Santos

    The Creole song and Halloween

    Every year on October 31, Peru celebrates the Day of la Canción Criolla (Creole Song). The main celebrations always take place on the Peruvian coast, where the ‘musica criolla’ is rooted, but it’s also celebrated...

      2017/11/15   |     0   |     Bralu Santos

    Santa Ana Neighborhood

    In the Inca times the neighborhood was called Carmenca and was on the road that led to one of the two most populous quarters of the Empire, the great Chinchaysuyoto the northwest. Besides ayllus (communities) dedicated t...

      2017/11/14   |     0   |     Bralu Santos

    “The Seven Streets 7 of Cusco”

    Cusco is one of the most incredible cities in South America, but it is not only its incredible cultural past, its unique constructions or its immortal culture; but people who know Cusco literally end up in love with the...

      2017/11/13   |     0   |     Bralu Santos

    Patabamba – rural communities

    I got on the bus around 8:30 am and the drive from Cusco to Patabamba took about 1 1/2 hours. We went through beautiful Pisac and simply the drive from Cusco to Patabamba was really amazing I took many nice pictures and...

      2017/11/10   |     0   |     Bralu Santos

    Señor de Qoyllority – Lord of Qoyllority

    Qoyllority is a Quechua word meaning “snow star” or “brilliant snow” it is a religious festival held annually at the Sinakara Valley in the southern highlands Cusco Region of Peru.This old religio...

      2017/11/08   |     0   |     Bralu Santos

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